venerdì 23 novembre 2012

PR professionals level criticism at EU communication of the crisis

An international online survey led on Corporate Communications professionals by global PR consultants network Infinite Latitude fault European governments for failing to convey clear messages during the Euro crisis. Of 111 senior professionals in 23 markets, 81% said governments had not been able to credibly communicate a path towards a solution of the crisis. Likewise, 77% said governments were failing to present a vision of how a future Europe would look after the crisis.

As a result, only about 4% of respondents think governments have been able to garner support among European publics for the measures taken so far, while about 20% are neutral and about 75% discount this view. Most credit is given to the efforts of authorities to explain the root causes of the crisis – where about 12% think this has been done successfully and about 23% are at least neutral. On these grounds, it may not come as a surprise that a majority, 65%, do not attribute credibility to governments' communication.

Survey statistics
Such figures show how communications is gaining more and more importance among publics. The lesson to be learned from the outcome of the result is that a clear long-term vision and objective, together with a good strategy if properly communicated owns its efficacy. Europe seems to have failed these simple rules which should be the ones of any organization. Especially, if what can come into play is social disorders as those that took place in most southern Europe countries last week.


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